Guarding Vision App Windows

Guarding Vision App Windows

Guarding Vision App Windows. Now you can access guarding vision from your pc. User manual for mobile client app;

Guarding Vision App WindowsGuarding Vision App Windows
Guarding Vision for PC Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac from

The description of guarding vision app. Now you can access guarding vision from your pc. Enter the “preferred dns server” address as


Make Sure Your Computer Has Been Connected To The Same Router As The Annke System.

How to use guarding vision for pc tutoriallink: The qr code being displayed on your device platform access page can be scanned with guarding vision app to add the device into your app. The status will change to online.

It Allows You To Live View Your Cameras Remotely.

Connect the recorder to a monitor or tv, right click and go to menu > configuration > network > general. On the “alternate dns server” field, add Guarding vision cms software for mac click here to download.

Add A Stand Alone Ip Camera To Guarding Vision App.

This is a surveillance application that assists cctv cameras and acquires footage of the same. To proceed with adding the device into the app scroll down to adding nvr/dvr to guarding vision app. You need to add the dns server over there for the status to become online.

Input The Guarding Vision Account Credentials And Click ‘Login’.

Get a windows computer that is connected to the same router by an ethernet cable or by the wifi. It allows you to live view your cameras remotely. The guarding vision app is designed to work with dvrs, nvrs and ip cameras which support cloud p2p function.

Follow The Steps Below To Fix This Issue.

Download and install the software guarding vision on your computer. Now you can access guarding vision from your pc. Fill in your nvr’s ip or ddns, the port (8000 default), and username and password.

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